Aerial Roof Inspection

In August 2016 The FAA Finally put into place a law that allowed Drones to be flown commercially. Prior to August 2016 it was illegal to operate a drone commercially and charge a fee unless you had a 333 exemption. We are FAA Certified and Licensed to operate drones up 54lbs.

At Alicante Home Inspections we have been honing our skills flying Aerial Drones for the past 4 years, We clearly understand the impact it is having on our roof inspections and the ability to inspect almost every square inch of the roof with such high detail. We have literally saved our customers thousands of dollars in roof repairs that they were able to negotiate prior to the purchase of their new home, we also prevented a future headache of having costly roof repairs and water damage to the interior of their home.

Lets face it, a Home Inspector does not want to walk on a two story cement, clay or slate tile roof! Why? There is just to much liability involved in walking a roofs of these types. There are many factors to consider such as the height, weather conditions, slope or the access to the roof. The last thing an Inspector wants to do is to cause damage to the roof by walking on it or even worse falling off the roof and risking great bodily injury or death. That would not be a good situation.

With the advent of new technology our roof inspections have become much safer, thorough and comprehensive. We use the latest state of the art Aerial Drone with the ability to shoot in 4K video along with 20 mega pixel still photos. Having such high resolution images allows us to zoom in so tight on your roof the we can actually see the roof granules on the tiles.  This is a win win situation for the Buyer and the Home Inspector. This new technology will change the way roof inspections are done. 

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