Mold Inspection

Our microbial inspections are thorough, detailed, and performed promptly from the scheduled home visit appointment to the delivery of your report.

Striving to serve you in a courteous and professional manner, we are adamant in conducting our mold inspections with the care and concern as if it were our own home. The following points are provided as a foresight to make your mold inspection as seamless as possible:

  • The initial client relationship commences over the phone, whereby we learn about your mold concerns and you learn more about our services. After an overview of the situation, we will ask you some more specific questions such as square footage followed by scheduling a day and time which is at your best convenience.

  • After arriving onsite promptly and introducing ourselves, we will reiterate the inspection process and present you a hard copy paper file of our engagement contract.

  • The stage is now ready for the initial inspection process. Digital images of preventative maintenance and suspect conditions areas will be taken in addition to the use of moisture meters and humidity identification devices. The inspection is as thorough as possible, with the aim to assess the presence of mold growth, how it originated, and how it can be prevented in the future

  • Following the initial inspection process, we will present our findings with you. In areas where suspect conditions are observed, we will recommend air sampling and/or swab sampling. These two sampling types are in turn sent to an AIHA-certified laboratory, wherein they will be analyzed and the results promptly dispatched

  • If sampling is chosen, the samples will be safely packed, accompanied with a chain of custody and mailed in a timely manner. Following any sampling measures, we will thank you for your time and inform you of the timetable of receiving the sample results.

  • As soon as the lab findings are received, we will send you a PDF file copy via email in addition to reviewing the results with you over the phone. If remediation is necessary, we will recommend different mold remediation companies to you at this time.

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